Finding the Best Home Based Business That’s Just Right For You

For many years now I have always had a dream of having my own home based business. The whole idea of working from home, being my own boss really appealed to me. I always visualized the whole concept of being able to leave my full time job behind and actually being able to make a lucrative six figure income from the comfort of my own home.It was about three years ago when I really got serious about pursuing my dream of becoming a home based business owner, and so my search was on for just the right opportunity. Now being the way the law of attraction works I had my mind set on finding the right business opportunity,well all the opportunities started finding me. I came across business that were scams of course, but I also came across a lot more that were legit and potentially good money makers. The thing was choosing the one that was right for me.Now I can honestly say that over the past few years I have attempted maybe four or five home based businesses. And how many of these have I been successful at? None. Now I have had all the motivation and all the desire in the world. But the problem was quite simple I just did not like or more important I did not enjoy what I was doing. I had to do things like chasing down family and friends, inviting these same family and friends over to my house, under a false pretense. After feeding them I would then gather them around for a big sales presentation. I really didn’t like doing this, but Hey I was trying to make money. Later it seemed like all my family and friends were avoiding me.Then I got myself involved in a business opportunity that promised to be very lucrative, but it involved Cold Calling potential costumers. I hated this even more than chasing down family and friends. I remember dialing the number and hoping the person wouldn’t answer the phone. I was actually giving myself all kinds of dumb excuses why I couldn’t sit down, get on the phone and work my business. So the point I’m trying to make with all of this is the reason I failed at these businesses, is i just didn’t like what I was doing.Now to the present. I can happily tell you that now I am now a successful home based business entrepreneur. What’s different now than before? Enjoyment. I really enjoy what I am doing in my business. After discovering Online Marketing I have since developed a passion for my home based business. And I have come to realize when you have the and love of what you are doing, you can’t help but be successful.It’s all about leveraging the amazing power of the internet. This is by far the best method of attracting huge amounts of traffic to my business. And the unique part about marketing a business on the internet is it’s always 24 hours a day seven days a week even Holidays. So I am attracting business even as I sleep. And basically that is the key to a truly successful business. Making money while you sleep.Alfred W Simkins 3rd

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